By Hippydippy66

I was just thinking, the harder life is, the more opportunity we have to test our metal, to figure out how strong we really are. I know that if my life was easy right now, I would not have the opportunity to test myself and to really empathise with those who are struggling, not just with alcohol, but life events generally, divorce, bereavement, poverty or whatever it is that life has thrown on our path for us to do some soul searching and carry out some self development.

These difficult periods in life, I believe are great.  They allow us to dig deep and come up stronger and smarter. It is all about perspective. Equally, I could take the poor me attitude, blame everyone around me and the world for my circumstances, but I am not prepared to do that, cos like I said before, these challenges are opportunities for growth and development.

That’s it, just needed to get that off my chest.