Going over the basics

Thank you to another wonderful swan member for the following post.

I had a really great meditation session yesterday, I was the only one there, fate I think as it was what I really needed. I talked about how I’ve been feeling this week and she suggested going over the basics again, we practiced a simple meditation that I can do anywhere and she also suggested I wrote a check list for myself…so here it is.

1. Stop, breathe, calm yourself.

2. What is going on in my body right now? Where is the tension? What am I feeling right now.

3. Where did these feelings come from, am I aware of what caused them.

4. Challenge the thoughts gently, do not fight them. Feelings and thoughts can’t hurt me.

5. Stay in the present…not worry about what might happen, focus on some small manageable tasks.

6. Ideas for distraction and coping:

Note 3 or 300 things I am grateful for
Eat chocolate
Light incense
Take a bath
Talk to someone
Light some candles
Take the dog for a walk
Put some music on

7. Don’t be scared of yourself. Be confident that you have the ability to know what is right for you.

8. Remember the end goal! Freedom!

It felt good to just spend time writing this out and I’ve put it in the back of my diary so I can look at it when I need too. My aim this week is to stay in the present moment…there is absolutely no point worrying about what ifs.