How I lost 6lbs in a week


fresh start

Hello, how’s it going with your fitness routines/programmes? Hope all well. I am happy to report I came third in the pedometer walking challenge at work last week and looking forward to my prize – guessing it won’t be chocolate. Does anyone regularly wear a pedometer or other fitness device like a fitbit? I want to buy one (or get hubs to lol) and would really appreciate recommendations if poss.


I have started the UK NHS Couch to 5K and enjoying it; finding with the intervals of walking and running I can push myself to run faster, rather than trying to maintain a sludgy, stumbly jog, red faced and in pain…


Food wise I have got into a routine of 400 calorie ish sandwich am and pm, some fruit and coffees. This routine with the exercise led me to losing 6lbs last week. I’ve managed to knock the sugary rubbish on the head but not thinking ‘banned’ as this immediately makes me want it. I have dropped pasta and potatoes for the moment, cheese and yogurt. Brown rice rather than white. My previously bloated, windy and sore tummy is saying thank you.


As with alcohol, the word ‘banned’ makes certain foods instantly desirable to me…nope, am saying to myself ‘choose not to’ and this works much better in my head. I am pretty much convinced making this change in thinking/wording is the key to overcoming any addiction. It certainly worked with alcohol to change from ‘can’t’ to ‘choose not to’.


The next thing I need to tackle, for me personally, is over eating at night. I still come in at night feeling wired and use a big yummy meal to wind down and feel better. Which is fine for maintaining weight, but not for losing it. To lose the pounds I need to be eating smaller at night, and then once the job is done, relax a bit.


I am finding setting a series of goals and actions associated with these goals is really helpful to me, rather than trying to do ‘everything’ all at once and ‘it’ becomes a big mush in my head. Routine and predictable patterns are working for me.



So in conclusion what worked for me this past week to lose 6lbs was:

– 400 cals morning and evening (I choose brown bread sandwiches but that might be boring every day!) with some fruit, and ideally 400-500 cals in the evening

– exercise using a pedometer or similar, ideally 10,000 steps+ a day, and follow a proven programme like C5K

– have a planned routine and plan other stuff as realisitically as possible around food and exercise, not the other way round

– cut out/right down white bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cheese, yogurt (always get medical advice for your own situation, this is not expert advice!).  These dietary changes have helped my poorly, sore, bloated tum massively. I have also found that nuts made me sore, and I feel better when not eating them.I am mentally better and sleeping more deeply, too.   As I say, get advice before making changes to your own normal diet.


22 lbs to go.