The had enough feeling

Hello hope you’re fit and well. I finally reached the had enough point with my seesawing weight and mood swings yesterday. It felt very much like the had enough point I reached with drinking, where I just got so fed up with my own behaviour around alcohol that something just flipped.


Quite a relief to get to that similar way of thinking about my enduring muffin and muffin attitude,constantly setting myself goals and not reaching them,constantly making fresh decisions and not sticking with them,constantly feeling I was letting myself down. I wrote down endless plans and then promptly ignored them. The only thing that has kept me relentlessly working on my thought processes is the faint hope that I have not completely given up on my health and wellbeing and have something very important to do which never quite goes away.


So I got really peed off and the switch just went over on to ‘on’. I realise the regime of quitting dairy, sugar and gluten for a period (not permanent) is really not ideal for a lot of people, but for me reading about the effect these substances may be having on my health has given me a kick really. So yesterday I tried it (just for a day, thinking, like with alcohol) and this morning I feel so very different already. I also take on board the advice about scales and chucking them out, very sensible I know, but personally I need the scales as accountability, and when I weighed myself this morning I was amazed at the results even just after a day.


The fact that I had such dramatic side effects and super hard cravings yesterday with not having those three things tells me there is maybe an issue there. Talking to others about food intolerances/sensitivities also suggests to me there may be something in it. So will be persevering and if I carry on feeling like this after just a day I will be a happy bunny. Not recommending this as an answer by the way, I know you know that, but for me it is a journey I am going to try, since nothing else has worked and the had enough feeling is strong right now xxx

 ps, I saw this advertised by Future Learn, a brilliant free online distnace learning platform. Idid their Drugs and Addiction course and it was incredibly informative, so looking forward to this programme too.

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