the fifth precept

by Hippydippy66

I have not blogged for a while because I have not felt inspired to do so. However, having attended a meeting with a group of inspirational people all on their own different sober journeys, I felt inspired to blog.

So I got to thinking about the link for me between drinking and following a spiritual path and I realised it was to do with boundaries.  When I was drinking any boundary I had set myself like only have one or two drinks went out of the window as soon as I had the said, two glasses. Boundaries about my safety like not travelling on the Tube late at night also would go out the window. Boundaries about not just jumping into bed with any old Tom, Dick or Harry also went out the window when the demon drink took hold.

I realise that I probably enjoyed drinking because boundaries were blurred and anything was possible which appealed to my rebellious spirit.

When we go out into the countryside we see boundaries. Fields for sheep and cows to graze surrounded by hedges, gates etc. This is for their own safety because without they would be probably wander onto a path and perhaps be run over by passing motorists. Equally, we humans need boundaries to keep us safe and indeed they do. Knowing when and where it is appropriate to “cross a line”.

I shared in the group yesterday that the reason I desperately wanted to stop drinking was because the fifth precept in Buddhism is to refrain from taking intoxicants.  How could I follow a Buddhist path when I could not refrain from drinking – impossible. I could not. So that was my answer, stop for good.

I am so very grateful for that fifth precept, it is a boundary which keeps me safe on so many different levels.

Have a lovely day one and all!