I own nothing except myself



Hello, and hello Saturday! Another beautiful morning, and I am in the habit at the moment of getting up and just looking at the view,doing some writing, watching a bit of daftness on the telly, and just enjoying being alive, healthy and free.


I am only a month away each month from absolute zero in the bank and all that infers, I own nothing of any consequence,I live in someone else’s house, I have no children, a tiny to often non existent social life, I have limited family relationships and am pretty much knackered out by my job, but you know what, I am sober and free and that means everything to me, to have this control over my heath and wellbeing.


None of us have a perfect life and many of us are suffering with outside influences, but how we choose to define ourselves and the positive slant we give to our survival from alcohol is so important. So when I look at the view at five in the morning and feel the warmth of my little dog cuddled in beside me, I feel amazing. Hope you experience contentment today and tomorrow.

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SWAN is a new friendship and support network for people who choose to live without alcohol. Everyone is welcome.

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