20th Century Old-Boys

This is Me

Good evening.  I have had a funny couple of weeks.

The psycho ex GF has been ringing me?????  The reason I was drinking so much and have been left without a job – and she decides to ring me and has the audacity to ask if it’s weird.  Errrrrrr, yeppity yep.  Pretty much.  I’m not being nasty to her.  Being nasty to someone hurts nobody really except the person being nasty.  So I’m being my ‘normal’ self (but with a slightly bewildered look on my face) and will let karma do the rest.

I still haven’t had a drink!  It’s been 110 days today!  And I put myself through the ultimate test. Let me explain.

My best friend deserted me and moved to Nottinghamshire which you’ll find on the opposite side of the world to Manchester.  She had a job opportunity a couple of years ago and she selfishly snapped…

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Confusingly confused and trying to find the meaning in the meaning of life.

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