What do deer Symbolise in Buddhism?

by Hippdippy66

Today is the Year of the Sheep/Goat in the Chinese Calendar and so it got me thinking about animal symbols and their meanings so I thought I would share this.

When I drive to my local Buddhist Centre, before we drop down to the building there is an amazing symbol that confronts you. There are two gold deer on either side of the Wheel of Life.

When I first started learning about Buddhism I asked my teacher what did the deer symbolise in Buddhism . She said that deer have such compassionate natures that if hunters wanted to catch one, they would simply tie up an animal and as soon as deer hear their cries, they would instinctively move towards the animal to try and help it and the hunter would be there and ready to kill it.

I think we humans have a natural instinct to try and help those in trouble and in need. Like Buddha teaches, we ALL have Buddha nature, but whether we decide to follow Buddhist teachings or not to unlock our Buddha nature is purely personal. However, we can all be compassionate to the part of ourselves which we have wounded through too much alcohol, or if you are reading this and you are still struggling to stop, be compassionate to yourself by stopping. It might seem like a big mountain to climb, but was is the alternative, a life devoid of compassion for ourselves. C’mon lets do it!

Have a truly beautiful day x

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I am a 48 year old budding Buddhist - only been on the path just over two years yet deep in my heart I have been waiting to step on it since I was 28. Alcohol, unfortunately got in the way, but not anymore, yipeeeee x

2 thoughts on “What do deer Symbolise in Buddhism?”

  1. Such a vivid thoughtful piece of writing, being gentle and compassionate is my little daily mantra to myself and I try, not always succeeding to put this into action. Clarity since being poison free is a delight.


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